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Company governance

We strive to comply with the highest standards of corporate governance presuming that good governance practices play an important role in the implementation of business strategies and in fulfilling the commitment made to the Group's shareholders and other stakeholders. We define and implement the governance framework based on principles of accountability, transparency, fairness and ethics.

Operation procedure

The Group is guided and managed by an effective, integrated Board of Directors with the responsibility to support and guide the Group’s long-term success. The Board is responsible for making decisions based on the Group's governance and social responsibility.

Governance structure

Our corporate governance structure includes (i) enhancing the responsibilities of the Group's shareholders and other stakeholders, (ii) timely reporting of financial and investment matters, (iii) protecting the interests of shareholders and other stakeholders, and (iv) ensuring the system is aimed at ethical and honorable business operations. This system allows us to achieve our goals by guiding us to fulfill our obligations under the law and to manage our risks accordingly.

Board of Directors

The Board is responsible for managing the Group and its subsidiaries in order to provide long-term value to shareholders and other stakeholders. The board also defines the Group's core business’ policies and strategies in accordance with the interests of its shareholders, establishes an internal control system, and guides and oversees executive management.


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